Smugglers in the Dark

Smugglers in the Dark

A blog for our campaign

After escaping the cruel Teemo on Tattoine, our Heroes find themselves fleeing Imperial Forces and Bounty Hunters sent by Teemo.

They are now the proud owners of a spaceship, the Krayt Fang, a modified YT-1300 formerly owned by Trexx. Well he did own it before being coldly murdered by a Wookie. Deciding they could not trust someone not capable of controlling his murderous intents, the crew dropped the Wookiee on a planet and left in outer space.

Keeping a low profile and hiding in the furthest corner of the Galaxy, an unfortunate twist of events place them right in the path of an Imperial patrol.

But their story doesn’t stop here. Actually, it is just the beginning!

Follow the path to our wiki!

And here are the adventures of the Krayt Fang crew!

  • A simple misunderstanding.



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